St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Eugene, Oregon

Outreach at St. Thomas

The outreach committee at St. Thomas is busy every month! We meet the 2nd Monday of the month at 1 p.m. in the church library.

Ministry in the Community

* Undies Sunday
* Peanut Butter Sunday
* Thanksgiving Baskets
* Blanket Sunday (Church World Service)
* FISH Food Pantry Support
* Nets for Life
* Heifer Project
* School Supplies and Backpacks (Brattain House)
* Children’s Hat & Mitten Drive (Chavez School)
* Hygiene Supplies Drive (Catholic Community Services)
* Support of Semi-monthly community breakfast at St. Mary Episcopal Church

Monthly Checks to:

Episcopal Relief and Development – $100.00
FISH Food Pantry – $50.00
Habitat for Humanity (Local) – $100.00
Heifer International – $100.00
The Eugene Mission – $50.00
City of Eugene Police Discretionary Fund – $50.00
Catholic Community Services – request pending

Total Monthly Outreach Support – $450.00