St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Eugene, Oregon
St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Eugene, Oregon

St. Thomas welcomes you wherever you are on your faith journey!

Our Parish Commitment to You:

To make you feel welcome.

To be family friendly.

To offer you time to stop and think in your busy life.

To be a place of rest, refreshment and grace.

At St. Thomas we are committed to being practical and relevant, while helping you explore answers to your deepest questions.

Together, we will help you make sense of the Bible, and who Jesus is, and we will help you discover for yourself God’s love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

We are here to offer you a new start in the love of God

Give thanks and praise to our Lord and share His love

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Services Re-Opened at St. Thomas

We are currently offering one Sunday service at 10 a.m. All are invited and welcome. If you are unable to attend,  you are invited to watch the service on our Facebook page at this link:

Support St. Thomas

Donate to St.ThomasWould you like to financially contribute support for the work of St.Thomas? We have a new feature that allows you to give to the church and the various ministries.

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