St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Eugene, Oregon

Adult Forums and Teaching Series

St. Thomas holds adult forums at selected times during the church year.  During the seasons of Advent and Lent, forums are scheduled to help participants examine their faith and prepare for the Holy Days of Christmas and Easter.

Additional forums are scheduled at other times during the year and may include Confirmation Class and Episcopal 101, designed for people of any age wishing to receive the sacrament of confirmation or for those curious about their church and faith.   These classes are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

On-Line Faith Formation

Visit the website, called “Grow Your Faith!” to view resources for people to assist them in their Christian formation.

Confirmation Class and Episcopal 101

This 8 week course is for all those wishing to receive the sacrament of confirmation,
as well as all of those who are curious about their church and their faith, have
forgotten anything they were taught in their own confirmation class, or who were
never taught anything in their confirmation class. There is NO age


1) The Book of Common Prayer – What’s in it for us?
2) The Book of Common Prayer –What’s in it for me?
3) Church History – From Jesus to King Henry VIII
4) Church History – From Anglican to Episcopal
5) Liturgy and Worship –Sunday Morning
6) Liturgy and Worship – Offices, Devotions, and Prayers
7) Polity and Church Governance –Organized Religion?
8) Living a Christian Life – What am I promising?