St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Eugene, Oregon

Polity: Church Organization and Structure

St. Thomas is in the Anglican Communion

The Anglican Communion are those churches which are in communion with the Church of England, headed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Member churches are independent of the Church of England, but share a common Anglican identity and commitment to Scripture, Tradition, and Reason as sources of authority.

St. Thomas is in the Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church was officially founded at General Convention in 1789. The church, originally a Province of the Church of England, became a separate denomination of its own after the Revolutionary war. The Episcopal Church, headquartered in New York, currently has over 100 Dioceses in 9 geographical Provinces. St. Thomas is in Province VIII.
The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church is The Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry.

St. Thomas is in the Diocese of Oregon

The Diocese of Oregon extends from the northern border of Oregon to the southern border of Oregon, and from the peak of the Cascade mountains to the Pacific Ocean. It is a geographically large Diocese with 70 parishes. The Diocesan Offices are located at the Bishop’s Close in southwest Portland, near Lake Oswego.
The Rt. Rev. Michael J. Hanley was consecrated as our Bishop in 2010.

St. Thomas is in the Central Convocation

There are 7 Convocations in the Diocese of Oregon. St. Thomas is a member of the Central Convocation. Each Convocation has a Dean, a member of clergy appointed by the Bishop, and a President, a lay person elected by the Convocation.

The Central Convocation consists of the following parishes:

  • St. Albans, Albany
  • Church of the Good Samaritan, Corvallis
  • St. Andrews, Cottage Grove
  • St. Anselm, Corvallis
  • St. David, Drain
  • Church of the Resurrection, Eugene
  • St. Thomas, Eugene
  • St. Mary, Eugene
  • St. Matthew, Eugene
  • St. Martin, Lebanon
  • St. Stephen, Newport
  • St. John the Divine, Springfield
  • St. John, Toledo
  • St Luke’s by the Sea, Waldport