Summer Sunday School

Welcome to week six of summer Sunday School!

Here is the story of Jacob and Rachel.  It is a love story,  but it’s also a story about making promises and keeping them. Please read the lesson by yourself or ask someone in your family to read it to you.


Our story today is about Jacob and a journey he took to a place called Paddan Aran. Along the way he saw a beautiful woman standing near a well. He dropped everything and stared at her. It was love at first sight!  The beautiful woman’s name was Rachel and she was the younger daughter of Jacob’s Uncle Laban. (What a coincidence! ) Rachel had an older sister named Leah, but Jacob only had eyes for Rachel. Jacob was so much in love with Rachel that he asked Laban if he could work for him just so he could be near her. Laban answered, “Yes, you can tend sheep for me, but you must tell me how much I should pay you for your work. Even though you’re a relative, I must pay you something.” (That seems fair, right? What a good guy)

Jacob answered, “I will work for you for seven years if you will let me marry your younger daughter, Rachel. “Laban answered, “It’s a deal!” At the end of the seven years, Jacob said to Laban, “Give me my wife. I have kept my promise and have worked for you for seven years.” So Laban threw a big party to celebrate and when evening came, he took his daughter, Leah, to Jacob instead of Rachel. (Not such a good guy, I guess.)

Jacob said, “Why have you done this to me? I kept my promise. Why haven’t you kept yours?” Laban answered, saying,” It is not our custom to give the younger daughter in marriage before the older. You can have Rachel only if you stay and work for me another seven years.” And Jacob did just that. He stayed and worked another seven years and finally was able to claim Rachel as his wife.

Dear Lord, you have promised good for your children. We know that we can trust you to keep your promises. Help us to be faithful to keep our promises. In Jesus’ name.  Amen

Once you’ve read the lesson, ask yourself if you’ve ever made a promise to someone that you didn’t keep. Maybe you promised your mother that you would clean your room, but you went out to play instead and forgot about your promise. You may have even made a promise to someone that you had no intention of keeping. Unfortunately, most of us have made a promise that we didn’t keep. In today’s story you’ll learn that Laban was not very good at keeping his promises.

What this story is trying to teach us is to be like God, not like Laban. When God makes a promise, you know that promise will be kept. God wants us to keep our promises, too. Here are some of the promises God has made to us:

 To love us forever.

 To comfort us.

Can you think of more promises?

Your Sunday School teacher,

Sue Colvin


St. Thomas’ Summer Sunday School

So many people are planting gardens lately, maybe you have been, too. The lesson for Sunday, July 12th is a parable that Jesus shared with his disciples using a farmer who was planting seeds. Remember a parable is a simple story that teaches a moral lesson. What kind of soil do you want to be?

Here are some activities you might do:

SEED ART: Find some small seeds and glue them on a piece of colored construction paper to form the words, GOD’S WORD! Remember the “seed” in the story represents GOD’S WORD!

SOIL AND SEED WALK: Take a WALK outside to plant some seeds.

Most of all, have a good time and remember that you are loved by God and St. Thomas.

One of your Sunday School Teachers,

Holly Spruance