St. Thomas’ Summer Sunday School!

Welcome to Summer Sunday School!
We are providing booklets to send to our Sunday School children for summertime reading.  This week, we are reading the story about Abraham and Isaac and learning to trust in God.  Think about what you put your trust in. Things like, the sun rising every morning or rain in the winter or food on the table at dinnertime. What else can you think of? Do you trust that your parents will provide for you like God provided a ram for Abraham? Do you trust that God will provide for you, too? I hope that you do and that you realize that God will never stop caring for you.
The booklet also has a coloring page, a word search page and a multiple choice quiz. Here are some other activities for our kids:

• Take a TRUST WALK around your home and look for all the things you place your trust in. Things like chairs (will they hold you up or break?) or refrigerators (will it keep things cold?) or your own eyes (will they let you see?) What else can you find? Once you’ve completed your walk, talk about things we can trust God to do every day in our lives.

• Make a TRUST NECKLACE. String the plain and lettered beads onto the necklace cord to make a colorful necklace that says T-R-U-S-T-G-O-D Give the necklace or bracelet to someone you trust. In case you want to make a second necklace, I’ve included an extra necklace cord, lettered beads to spell out the word P-R-A-Y and some more plain beads. You could make a bracelet, instead, using string. Simply tie the two ends together once you’ve arranged your beads.

Have fun!
Your Sunday School teacher,
Sue Colvin