On Eagle’s Wings – A Message from our Rector, Ann Gaillard

I pray for you every day, praying for your health and well being and safety. I miss seeing you all. 
We are beginning to have conversations about what reopening the church might look like. Bishop Hanley, in much consultation with medical professionals, the governor, clergy, other bishops, and so forth, has issued guidelines. They are quite extensive. I am attaching them for your perusal, and I welcome your input!  We at St. Thomas will start reopening very slowly and carefully, keeping the safety of everyone as paramount. The theology behind wanting to keep people safe is simply: “Love thy neighbor.” And no matter what, we will continue to provide on-line worship. That’s one of the reasons we want to carefully approach reopening: we know we need both to figure out how to do church together in a very small way, but also how to use technology to live-stream the service. Keri Davis, Deacon Mike, and I are doing You-tube tutorials, Zoom meetings, and on-line conferences in order to figure out how best to move forward. 
Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, once again, has provided the Church with another lovely few minutes of “Habits of Grace,” which you will find here:   https://episcopalchurch.org/habits-of-grace?wvideo=xops3jbhvi&wkey=YWVzZ2FpbGxhcmRAZ21haWwuY29t&foreign_data=mailchimp_campaign_id%3Aff8b79f026
And Keri Davis has again given us a lovely musical meditation (actually one of my very favorite pieces):  “On Eagle’s Wings,” which you will find here: https://soundcloud.com/user-87407182/on-eagles-wings
Much love and many blessings,