Deacon’s Corner

St. Stephen by Your Deacon and Postulant; Mike and Jackee

I thought I’d better mention that last Sunday our first reading concerned the stoning of St. Stephen. He was born in c. 4 AD and was stoned to death in c. 34 AD (the reported dates vary by several years). That means he was about 29 years old when he died. He was an ordained deacon of the church.

When the disciples realized the Greek-speaking widows were being neglected in favor of the Hebrew-speaking widows, seven men were ordained to serve the community. Stephen “worked great wonders” among the people. This ultimately led to false charges before the Sanhedrin and his execution by stoning. All this is contained in Acts 6-7.

The idea that someone is that fervent in their faith in Jesus the Christ is so foreign to most of us. I have long wrestled with the question, “to what point of threat would I resist before denying Jesus?” Would just voicing a denial be a true turning from Christ?

In some places in the world this can be a real concern for people. But, this is simply a mind game in the circles we live in here in Eugene. It does bring up questions about, “what is denial?” How do I deny Jesus when I neglect other people (the reason deacons were ordained)?

We are told, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” And so, if we ignore our neighbor we are denying Jesus by flaunting this second of the great commandments.

– Mike….


St. Stephens’ feast day is December 26th