From St. Thomas’ Deacon, Mike Watkins, and Postulant, Jackee Martinez

I read an email today from Richard Rohr. Richard Rohr, OFM, is an American author, spiritual writer, and Franciscan friar based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He has been called “one of the most popular spirituality authors and speakers in the world.” In that email, I was struck by the following quotation: “The total social program that Jesus advocated was based on communion, friendship, distribution, and partnership.” The article adds, “…the power of God over all—is developed [through Jesus] in a horizontal way by the distributed Spirit indwelling each social entity (individual, family, local community, the whole people). This distribution of the God-expressing Spirit implies that people must be in active partnership with God at all points.” The portion I omitted was a comparison to other organization models that are based on power.

The social program of Jesus sounds like Church! It sounds like St. Thomas…working together to bring the world to Christ and promoting the welfare of all in the community. St. Thomas is there…St. Thomas is there for everyone to lean on. St. Thomas is the people of the parish. As a community we continue our virtual worship, we maintain the business of St. Thomas, we take care of the facilities. Each person has their gifts to offer.

The Kairos prison program has a motto, “Listen, Listen, Love, Love.” All the Kairos volunteers can really do is to model a Jesus community so that all around them can learn to know Jesus. But at St. Thomas we add, “Help”. We Listen, Love, Help. The recent Outreach push is great example. All those food cards distributed to people of the local community who need help … especially during these strange times.

Gods Peace to you