St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Eugene, Oregon

St. Thomas Preschool

     The St. Thomas Preschool was established over 40 years ago and is accredited by the Childcare Division of the State of Oregon. Our high quality early childhood program provides a safe and nurturing environment with an emphasis on the emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social development of young children. Our highly experienced staff is dedicated to ensuring that each child receives…

“The Best Beginning Possible!”

St. Thomas offers classes for three year-old, four year-old and pre-K age children.

Our Preschool offers an early childhood curriculum that focuses on language development, pre-writing, listening, speaking socialization, self-help, mathematics, physical education, health, art, music, social studies and science.

Schedule of Classes

2 ½ year olds (must be potty trained)

3 year olds

4 year olds

Pre-K (4 year olds)

Our 2 ½ year old class is offered 2 days a week: Tuesday/Thursday – 9:00-11:30.

Class size, 12 children, 2 teachers.  Monthly tuition is $125.00. Registration fee $100.00, annual supply fee is $70.00.

Our 3 year- old classes are offered 2 or 3 days a week:

Monday/Wednesday -9:00-12:00

Tuesday/Thursday – 9:00-12:00

Class size 18 children, 2 teachers

Tuition is $130.00 monthly, $100 registration fee, $70.00 annual supply fee.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday- 9:00-12:00

Class size 15, 2 Teachers

Monthly tuition is $170.00, $100.00 registration fee and $80.00 annual supply fee.

Our 4 year- old classes are offered 3 days a week:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday -9:00-12:00, Class size 20 children, 2 teachers.

Tuesday/Thursday/Friday-9:00-12:00, class size 20 children, 2 teachers.

Both classes are $170.00 monthly tuition, $100.00 registration fee, and $80.00 annual supply fee.

Our Pre-Kindergarten class is offered:

Monday-Friday, 8:30-12:00.

Class size – 20 children, 2 teachers.

Tuition is $260.00 monthly, registration is $100.00 and annual supply fee is $85.00

We also offer before school and afterschool care. The rate is $5.00 per hour. Early bird is offered from 8:00-9:00 am and our afterschool program is from 12:00-2:45.